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Air Con Check – Is it Part of a MOT or Service?

Air conditioning is not normally checked during your MOT. You’ll also find that manufacturers don’t check it during a service either. The best thing you can do is to arrange a specific air conditioning service.

We would recommend that you think about arranging a check for your A/C system every 12 months. This is also alongside an air conditioning service at least every 24 months. This is going to make sure everything is good with your air conditioning and that it is efficient for sunny days.

The Reason Why Your Air Conditioning Stops Working

What is the reason your air conditioning is blowing out hot air? Most of the time, it’s down to the low level of refrigerant. If you don’t have the right amount in your air con system, it won’t work properly.

The refrigerant leaks through a natural loss or system fault. A natural loss of refrigerant is one of the easiest problems to rectify, replacing this and can return your system to full health in many instances.

What is a Re Gas and How is Refrigerant Replaced?

A re gas is the process of replacing your refrigerant. Do you want to know how it’s done? We’ll take you through how we do it.

We carry out a performance test to see how your air conditioning is working. We test the cabin and ambient air temperatures.

  1. We remove the refrigerant. It’s weighed to see if the levels are too low for your vehicle.

  2. Complete a vacuum leak check.

  3. A pressure leak check is carried out. Some faults cannot be found with a vacuum check.

  4. We use a specialist vacuum pump to remove moisture.

  5. Dye is added to aid in future leak detection.

  6. Oil is added if it’s needed.

  7. The correct quantity of refrigerant is weighed into the system.

  8. We complete another performance check to make sure your air conditioning is now working well.

The re gas process is a common occurrence, and we complete many of these in the warmer months. It’s the most common A/C service we offer. But there’s some additional attention that your vehicle may require.

Air Con Re Gas or Air Con Service?

A re gas for your air conditioning system is important. But there are other components that have to be looked after too. These will make sure your system runs at its best.

Let’s take a look at what we do during an air con service so that it can blow out cool air and free of any nasty odours.

● Inspection of A/C condenser fan for correct operation.

● Clean the A/C condenser and take out leaves and debris to improve heat exchange.

● Inspect and report the condition of the compressor drive belt.

● Under bonnet A/C pipes inspected for security.

● Replace the refrigerant receiver dryer or accumulator.

● Inspect / replace the pollen filter to prevent pollutants.

● A/C de bug treatment to decontaminate your system and kill bacteria that builds up in your cabin vents.

An air con service is recommended every 24 months with a re gas check every 12 months. This ensures the necessary preventative maintenance has been completed, which minimises the cost of expensive system faults caused by lack of inspection.